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I visited the studio of RI-based artist, Etips a little while back and wanted to share the images. Etips has been in the graffiti game for a long time and has the respect of a lot of RI writers. He has been making the transition to more character work and I was impressed when he brought out his black books rife with well-executed illustrations. The icing on the cake is that Etips landed a job that a lot of our eight year old selves would drool over – he paints the model Transformers for Hasbro Toys! So have a look below and check out this artist’s studio, artwork and wicked Transformer collection.


Thanks, Etips!

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  1. Masberg one the OG dopeman ha!

    ETIPS! That’s my dude right there and that’s a talented man. Happy to see him still doin what he loves and makin a livin doin what he loves. Big ups!

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