Awesome Bear Vinyl Figure


Philip Lumbang’s Awesome Bear has finally made it into a vinyl production figure and mph has it available for you to purchase! We’ve been longtime supporters of Philip’s work at mph, holding The New Adventures of Awesome Bear back in March, where we took a further look into the depths of this character’s world. Early on in his work as an artist, Philip’s bears were used to channel the noise, traffic and bad habits he found in LA, but over time, his bears shifted from rude to charming and served as a counter to the world’s problems. And we’ve all grown to love that bear’s charming smile.

It’s about time we saw this as a toy; Back in January of 2012, I posted about characters I wanted to see as production toys and Philip’s Awesome Bear ranked at the top! Produced by Dragatomi and sculpted by Walter “Chauskoskis” Jacott, this figure stands 6″ tall and features 2 points of articulation. Limited edition of 300 and available for $49.99 here. Ships the week of Aug. 12 (hey, that’s tomorrow!).

Want more on Philip? Click here to see inside of his studio space.

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