Eyeformation’s Nutty Buddyz Figures

We’ve featured Eyeformation on this blog before – back in November of last year when I visited his studio space in Lowell, MA and we featured his Ice Scream figure prototype. We also gave a nod to his work in a street art post from July.  His artwork is excellently character-driven and lends itself well to the toy world. One of his recent endeavors has been creating acorn shaped figures, which he revealed on his blog. According to Eyeformation, we should be seeing handpainted versions of these soon.



EyeformationThe characters were also cast in vanilla-smelling soap and will be available for the holiday season!

If you are feeling antsy to get your hands on some Eyeformation figures before these are released, check out the Eyeformation Activities Book for a unique way to interact and collaborate with his characters. Some of the art activities include, coloring pages, ink block puzzles and 3D paper model toys. The book is available in his online shop. The book is a collaboration with Bootstrap Press and you can see the paper toys being put together in the Kickstarter video below. Also, keep an eye out for him in one of our group exhibitions next year.


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