Flat Wooper Looper

Last month, we posted a preview of the Gary Ham x Flat Bonnie Wooper Looper collaboration, which you can read here, and now it looks like this Flat Wooper Looper is ready to be sold to the public! If you’re not familiar with Flat Bonnie, here is the scoop – These flat critters are created to bring awareness to bunnies who are up for adoption in shelters and rescue centers. In addition to raising awareness, a portion of the sales of Flat Bonnies are donated to bunny rescue centers. These Flat Wooper Loopers will be available this Friday at 11am PST in Gary’s online store and are a limited edition of ten. Check out other flattened creatures on the Flat Bonnie Facebook page. where you can see flat woolly mammoths, sloths and more!

Check out the figures we have in stock from Gary Ham!

wooper looper2


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