Gary Ham’s 10-Doh! Sample Figure

Back in April, Nate Mitchell, creator of So Analog, with the help of a Kickstarter campaign, raised $15,000 to get his Mini 10-Doh! Series 2 into production. There are 14 artists in the series, including, kaNO, Gary Ham, David Horvath and Shawnimals. Gary Ham, creator of the Monster Toytem, recently released a look at a sample figure with his design for the series, which you can view below. I hope this means that the series will be released soon! Also – in other exciting news – the Series 1 10-Doh! figure is up for “Best Mini Series” in the Designer Toy Awards. In case you do end up visiting the Designer Toy Awards’ site remember that we are up for some nominations including:

“Best Toy Store”
“Best Online Toy Store”

Pocket Pork Dumpling Series 1 for “Best Mini Series”

Junior for “Best Vinyl”


What do you think of this figure as a platform? How do you feel this series compares to Series 1, which included artists like Doktor A, Jesse Hernandez, Luke Chueh, and Scott Tolleson?

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