Halloween Themed Toys and More!

Halloween is creeping up very soon, so if you’re trying to get in the spooky spirit, here are some fun items to pick up to make you the coolest creepster around.

First up is the Bloody Hot Pumpkin Tea firgure, a special brew from Lunartik. These figures all have flickering eyes and are limited to 50 signed and numbered cups. Releasing at midnight on October 26 in Lunartik’s online shop; act fast because they’ll be gone in a flash.

Grits apparel has some great tees and this skeleton one is perfect for someone who wants to show a little bit of Halloween effort but not too much.

Check out Tokyo Bunny’s post on Cute Creations for their Kawaii Halloween jewelry if cute is more of your style.

Chris Ryniak has been counting down to Halloween with his themed drawings like these. I don’t think these are available for purchase, but just by having a look at them, you can’t help but get psyched up for Halloween.

mph is stocked with figures that would make anyone squeal or… scream… with delight. We’ve got Halloween themed Sonny Angels bringing a bit of cuteness to this ghastly season.

We also have Gary Ham’s Monster Toytem, which is stackable, with 7 interchangeable vinyl pieces. Each piece is 2″ tall but it stands 14 monstrous inches when all together.

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