New Calliope Jackalope Colorway by Kathie Olivas

Kathie Olivas revealed the test sample for her new Calliope Jackalope colorway scheduled to be released early next year. The Circus Posterus booth at Designer Con this year carried the first release of this sofubi figure in a robin’s egg blue (see below).


Calliope Jackalope #1




If you want a full rundown of the creation of this figure, check out the excellent Circus Posterus posts detailing the process of making the Calliope Jackalope figure. Also have a look at Kathie’s work at Stranger Factory in the Circus Annual group exhibition.

kathieolivas4Kathie’s Saint Lizzie of the Scavengers at the Circus Annual group exhibition

If you are craving some of Kathie Olivas’ work, check out the pillows we have in stock by her and Brandt Peters.


Good Night Moon Pillow


Hysteria Pillow


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