PapaBehr – Vinyl USB Figure

Check out PapaBehr, a vinyl toy equipped with a USB Flash Drive and the power of magnets! The creators of this figure, big time toy enthusiast themselves, are looking to produce it and are in need of help, so they’ve turned to Kickstarter to generate some funds. Watching the Kickstarter video, you can tell the creators are really excited to have made this figure and would love to bring it to the public. In addition to it being nice to look at, it’s equipped with an interesting backstory, which you can read below. It’s always super refreshing to see people this stoked on creating a new figure, and you can offer support to their project here, if you’re interested.


The backstory:

In the year 2108, an airborne virus, known as ADM-12, plagues the human race, causing sudden dementia and severe psychosis amongst its hosts.

While renowned neurologists repeatedly failed for years in finding a cure, Robotics & Neuromech scientist Dr. Akira Behr developed an artificial brain capable of bypassing the disease’s destructive path.

However, days before the first human trials, he was captured and betrayed by the very organization that hired him to solve the global crisis; but not before he discreetly transferred his mind into the artificial brain of his daughter’s stuffed bear.

Twenty years has since passed and his precious creation is now being used for world domination. As the end is nearing, a young man named Keane stumbles upon the forgotten toy and awakens Dr. Behr. Together, they search for his daughter and fight to stop the organization that double-crossed him.


Watch the Kickstarter video:

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