Stevie the Wonder Mouse : New Figure by Okedoki

Stevie the wonder mouse

Stevie the wonder mouse

Here’s a look at a new figure created by Okedoki. I really love this figure; the sculpt and paint job bring it to life on a whole new level, making Stevie a multi-layered character.

The artist shares a bit about herself when describing the background behind Stevie which sheds some light on his expression:

“I was going through my drawers looking for something a few months ago, and I came across this unfinished sculpt. Initially, I sculpted this piece while I was going through my cancer treatment. He looks like how I felt at the time, which was “hell”. I think it was time to breathe life back into him, and finish him up. Back then it was a reflective piece, to work out of my system how miserable the whole experience was. Now, my health is better, and I look at him with a different perspective. Perhaps with hope and perseverance, that he can embody these qualities to my collectors. I think no matter what challenges we face in our lives, that we can over come them and through these obstacles, we become stronger.”

Progress shots of Stevie can be seen on Okedoki’s blog here and here and here too!

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