DIY Tutorial :: Window Painting with EVOKER

Last weekend, Evoker painted the windows of the Studio Miners’ studio space to spruce it up a bit and make sure anyone who pays us a visit gets a hardy greeting. I know how you like to see some behind the scenes tutorials, so I wanted to share some of the process on here.

Step 1: Take measurements of the usable window space.

Step 2: Make sure the windows are clean, but don’t use any window cleaner, since it’ll eat away at the paint. Just use soap and water.

Step 3: Choose a character that you want to paint on your window. Make sure it will fit well into the allotted space.

Step 3: If you have strict time restraints, use a projector to enlarge it and sketch it out on a paper that is the same size you want it on the windows. Using this as a guide will get you to paint much quicker. Usually, Evoker paints overnight so he can finish a window painting for a store that opens the next day . He also finds that having paper up while you paint, deters drunk passersby from knocking on the windows while he works. This happens more than you’d think.

Step 4: For the guideline sketch, it is VERY important to make sure that your sketch is reversed, so when you tape it to the opposite side of the window, it’ll come out facing the correct way. Now start drawing in your outlines. For black outlines, Enamel (pretty tricky to use) or Krink markers will work but Evoker uses a secret formula that we can’t reveal here.

Step 5: Once you fill in the black outlines, take a break and let it dry.

Step 6: After about an hour, come back and start filling in your colors. Make sure to use a soft brush and keep coating the window until it appears opaque from the outside.

And now you can enjoy your finished window.

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