Kronk x Pobber Bad Ass Stealth Version


I absolutely love the Stealth version of the Bad Ass figure by Kronk x Pobber. We saw the forest version of this figure at SDCC this year at the DKE booth and now we have this new, super stealth version available for you in store at mph and in our online store. The figure stands 9″ and is highly articulated, with 7 articulation points including the wrists, arms and legs. The teeth are not printed flat onto the face, but rather are 3D, which adds to the depth of the figure. Complete with band aids and spikes, this figure’s truly impressive and eye-catching nature will not disappoint. As an amazing added bonus, 1 out of every 6 figures is the Toxic version (see image below). To learn more about Bad Ass, check out this stellar review written on Urban Vinyl Daily.


Take a look below to see how the Bad Ass collaboration between Pobber and Kronk developed.


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