Skeleton Labbits by Frank Kozik available 4/25 @frankkozik

skeleton_labbitThe latest edition by Frank Kozik is double the Smork! Collect both the Skeleton Labbit “Something’s Under the Bed” Edition, and the Skeleton Labbit “Frightmare” Edition!

Kozik likes to call him Janus Labbit. The Skeleton Labbit smorking to the past and the future. Featuring the classic white Kozik icon fused with a detailed relief sculpt Labbit skeleton, the two faced vinyl Skeleton Labbit stands 10 inches tall and embodies Labbit’s beginnings and endings. Originating in the world of myth, these gatekeepers are limited to 666 pieces worldwide. This figure will be available at online on Thursday April 25th starting at 11AM EDT for $74.99.


skeletonlabbit_frightmare skeletonlabbit_underthebed skeletonlabbit_frightmare_ovr skeletonlabbit_underthebed_ovr

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