Bodega x Dana Woulfe

Video by MRNVR

I thought I’d start the day off right with a fun, creativity inspiring video of Project SF member Dana Woulfe painting the walls of Boston’s Bodega. If you aren’t familiar with Bodega, it is a very cool spot, always up on the latest sneakers and trends. They also manage to snag some excellent artists to design their store tees, including Greg Lamarche and OBLVN. When you walk up to the shop, you’ll see a regular looking corner store, but something is just slightly off… there is always a way too cool guy behind the counter working on a laptop. You’d be right to be confused, so give him a nod and then pull aside the soda machine facade to enter the actual store. It’s a pretty wonderful set up. The first time I discovered Bodega, it felt like some sort of hidden gem, so if you haven’t been, make sure to look it up on your next trip to Boston.

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