Shawn Smith Resketch Kickstarter

In case you have not yet heard about Shawn Smith’s Kickstarter for Resketch, I wanted to give it a mention on the blog. You’ll know Shawn best for his mustache and ninja character work with Shawnimals, and also his Pocket Pork Dumplings from mph labs (don’t forget to vote for those in the Designer Toy Awards!). Resketch is a sketchbook that is both eco-friendly and offers its user a artistic boost through creative prompts and different types of recycled, high-quality paper. Although the initial goal has been reached, there are still reach goals and new backer levels, including laser-engraved covers, featuring artwork from Art Baltazar, Andrew Bell, Chris Ryniak, Mig Reyes, and Shawn himself.

“It’s this non-linear way of drawing and sketching that will take your imagination to the next level.”



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